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Students in Service give 13,000 hours worth $300,000

Edmonds College students participating in the AmeriCorps Students in Service program gave 13,000 hours of service worth $300,000 to local nonprofits. The 50 students enrolled in the AmeriCorps program will earn nearly $40,000 in scholarships.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Washington Campus Compact has released the cumulative hour totals for students that participate in the AmeriCorps Students in Service program. Students in Service is a part-time AmeriCorps program that encourages and supports college and university students to make a difference in their communities by agreeing to a minimum one year term of service at a community nonprofit agency. In addition to earning valuable civic and workforce skills, students can earn an education award of up to $2,362 that can be used to pay tuition or student loans.

During the 2009-2010 program year over 1,000 Students in Service members in Washington and Idaho have contributed 520,200 hours of service. In addition, they have earned nearly $1.5 million in scholarships dollars, generating over $10 million in value to the communities they serve. At Edmonds College 50 students have enrolled in the program and they will earn nearly $40,000 in scholarship dollars. The time volunteered at community agencies by Edmonds College students is valued at nearly $300,000 according to figures from the Independent Sector’s valuation on volunteer time.

“Students in Service provides thousands of students the opportunity to serve their community,” said Jennifer Dorr, Washington Campus Compact executive director “Not only does this program benefit students, but communities also receive a significant contribution of time and energy from students. We’re delighted to honor their service during AmeriCorps Week.”

AmeriCorps Week provides the perfect opportunity for AmeriCorps members, alums, grantees, program partners, and friends to shine a spotlight on AmeriCorps and to motivate more Americans to serve.

Established in 1992 and hosted at Western Washington University, Washington Campus Compact is committed to providing meaningful experiences for students to become active, engaged leaders in their communities, furthering the civic and public purposes of higher education, and strengthening communities. Washington Campus Compact has 35 college and university members throughout Washington state. It is an affiliate state office of Campus Compact, a national organization comprised of more than 1,200 colleges and universities committed to the civic and public purposes of higher education.

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