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Triton Union Building becomes Woodway Hall this summer

Edmonds College’s Triton Union Building, a community meeting space, has been renamed Woodway Hall. Signs have been replaced on campus this summer.

The college hosts more than 75 arts and cultural events on campus each year, including an annual lecture series. Many of these public events are held on the second floor of what is now Woodway Hall. The 25,000 square foot building, constructed in 1991, is the largest events space on campus other than the gymnasium, Seaview Hall. The building also houses the lab for the college’s Allied Health and Nursing programs and its campus security office.

The name change comes to avoid confusion with the Triton Student Center, which opened in fall 2009. The addition to Brier Hall, funded by a student services and activities fee, is the college’s new student union. It includes a student lounge, game room, group study rooms, and offices for student publications, clubs, leadership, and programs.

Edmonds College has a tradition of naming buildings after local areas. Students go to Lynnwood Hall to enroll, buy their books in Brier Hall, and study visual arts in Meadowdale Hall.

Buildings are named by the college’s Board of Trustees: Mauri Moore, Quentin Powers, Dick Van Hollebeke, Jeannette Wood, and Emily Yim.

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