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Curb the Congestion: Save more, stress less, win big! 


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Save money and stress. Whether you’re traveling to school or running weekend errands, you’ll save money, ease your parking hassles, and cut your traffic stress. A Curb the Congestion Specialist is ready to help you plan your trips.

Win up to $1,000. Choose a smarter trip at least 12 days a month and you could win incentive prizes up to $1,000. An online calendar makes it fast and easy.

Visit www.communitytransit.org/CurbIt for details and to sign up.

Curb the Congestion is a partnership between Community Transit and Snohomish County to reduce traffic congestion and encourage healthy travel options on 164th Street, 128th Street, and 20th Street. It is funded by Snohomish County through development mitigation fees and federal grants, and operated by Community Transit.