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To help students buy, sell, and trade textbooks, go green, and save money, Edmonds College students took the lead to create and promote options for students to exchange used textbooks. There's a new bulletin board in Brier Hall and an online listing service at edccusedbooks.com. Students can also buy and sell used textbooks via the college bookstore.

Whether you are looking for a textbook for class, or looking for a way to recycle your used textbooks for some cash, you have a few options at Edmonds College.

The high cost of college textbooks, their short-lived shelf life, limited use and limited life has been a primary concern for today’s college student. to address these concerns, the winter 2009 Project Management class 270 conducted a feasibility study to identify alternate used book markets or peer to peer book sales.

Several options were investigated and extensive research was conducted. In February 2010, 456 Edmonds College students were surveyed to determine their needs and requirements in the process of buying and selling used textbooks. The results showed that students need more information about their choices so they can better understand the textbook market.

The results of the interviews lead the teams to identify two options for peer to peer book sales. These included the use of the Edmonds CC Ning network and improvement of the bulletin board where students post books for sale.

The Spring 2010, the Project Management 271 class planned and executed the enhancement of the current bulletin board system and the enrichment of an online platform. These improvements will provide the student body an effective and accessible way to buy and sell used textbooks on the Edmonds CC campus. These two options require minimum operating and maintenance costs and maximize the benefits to students.

Edmonds College student textbook resources:

• College bookstore — purchase new and used textbooks at the beginning of the quarter and, sell back your used textbook at the end of each quarter or at edmonds.edu/bookstore.

• Student bulletin board — Purchase and sell used textbooks from other EdCC students by posting advertisements on the Edmonds CC student bulletin board, located inside the cafeteria on the first floor of Brier Hall.

EdmondsCC.ning.com — EdmondsCC.ning.com is a social network where students can connect and promote Edmonds CC events and activities.Edmondscc.ning.com provides an easy place where students can buy, sell and, trade their used textbooks with other Edmonds CC students.

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