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Reading tutors wanted: free training for literacy volunteers


The Volunteer Literacy program, which provides tutoring to adults in the college’s ESL, GED, and Basic Education programs, needs more reading tutors. Those who complete the training will be asked to commit two hours per week for six months as a literacy volunteer. It is not necessary to attend the training to become a volunteer, however.

The training “Teaching Adults to Read: Components of Reading,” will include new research into what works for adult learners and new strategies for teaching reading. It focuses on alphabetics, fluency, and comprehension skills. The training is funded by the National Institute of Literacy and based on the institute’s research, publications, and recommendations for adult literacy instruction.

The one-day course will be taught by adult literacy expert Kathy St. John. St. John has worked in adult literacy for more than 20 years as an ESL teacher, literacy program coordinator, and a consultant for organizations including the National Institute for Literacy and ProLiteracy Worldwide.