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New: Emergency Management and Business Continuity degree


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Edmonds College offers a two-year Emergency Management and Business Continuity degree. A certificate in Emergency Management can also be completed in as few as six quarters (18 months). Most classes are offered online. Start this winter with: Emergency Planning, Emergency Management 130, online and Emergency Business Continuity, Emergency Management 180, online.

The Emergency Management program at Edmonds College provides training in the phases of Emergency Management from preparedness and planning, prevention and mitigation of emergency situations, and response to and recovery from disasters for those who are responsible for emergency preparedness.

It teaches the skills to help organizations prepare emergency and business continuity plans, comply with the National Preparedness Directive, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Response Framework, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, as they respond to emergencies, disasters, and other interruptions to the flow of business. It’s essential training for first responders, volunteers, safety professionals, and stakeholders of an entity.

“Emergency management skills are needed at every level from the individual citizen, local community, state, federal, tribal government agencies, and by education, health care, nonprofit, and corporate employers. To be effective, there is a need for solid planning, training, and exercising a plan written in the preparedness phase of emergency management ” said Lark Stewart, Director of Edmonds College’s Emergency Management program.

Stewart, who has more than 10 years experience in emergency management and as a master trainer with FEMA, is an instructor in Edmonds College’s program and also coordinates the college’s emergency plan. She is also an Associate Emergency Manager with the International Association of Emergency Managers and an Associate Member of the Business Continuity Institute.

Start the Emergency Management degree winter quarter, Jan. 3-March 18: Hazard Analysis and Mitigation, EMERG 110; Emergency Planning, EMERG 130; Emergency Business Continuity, EMERG 180; and Disaster Recovery, EMERG 240.

Spring classes, April 4-June 17: Introduction to Emergency Management, EMERG 100; Emergency Direction and Control, EMERG 140; or Disaster Psychology and Sociology, EMERG 230.

Edmonds College’s Emergency Management program is on FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute Higher Education College List.

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