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Use the GI Bill® to earn a short aerospace manufacturing certificate 

Students can now use GI Bill® benefits to pay for tuition to earn an Aerospace Manufacturing Core Certificate and an Aerospace Assembly Mechanic Certificate at the Washington Aerospace Training and Research (WATR) Center at Paine Field, 3008 100th St. SW, Everett.

“This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to be employed in the aerospace industry. The training is industry focused,” said WATR center director Larry Cluphf.

Register now for classes beginning Jan. 13. Students begin online with the Aerospace Manufacturing Core Certificate and then have an onsite assessment of the course material. Upon completion, students will enter the Aerospace Assembly Mechanic Certificate, which includes three weeks of online training and four weeks of hands-on training at the WATR Center. Completion of both certificates will take approximately 11 weeks.

For more information call 425.640.1840. 

The Aerospace Manufacturing Core Certificate is nine credits and includes 99 hours of training. Students will become familiar with aircraft and composites and will be exposed to such topics as: sealing and safety, manufacturing paperwork, engineering processes, hand and measuring tools, blueprints and picture sheets, and bonding and grounding.

The Aerospace Assembly Mechanic Certificate is 18.5 credits and includes 203.5 hours of training. In this certificate, students will learn power island equipment, basic drilling and riveting, 90 degree drilling, drilling titanium materials, drilling composite materials, reaming and permanent fasteners, wing structure, fuselage skin assembly, sealant applicant processes, electrical bond and ground, and fiber reinforced composites manufacturing.

Credits for both certificates can count toward a two-year Manufacturing and Materials Technology Associate of Technical Arts degree or a Materials Science Technology Associate of Applied Science-T (transfer) degree at Edmonds College.


The Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center, operated by Edmonds College, is industry focused and responsive to workforce needs. The center offers flexible training opportunities that meet the fast pace of the aerospace industry.

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