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Community and technical college board to meet October 27-28

During the two-day meeting, the Board will get an update and further discuss the Student Achievement Initiative, which the board launched in 2007. The Initiative is the first of its kind to measure and reward student progress at each of the key milestones essential to completing degrees and certificates. It improves public accountability and rewards colleges for increasing their students’ achievement levels. The board will also discuss the 2011 legislative session outlook and consider extending the SBCTC retirement plan to eligible Higher Education Coordinating Board employees.

Dr. David Beyer, Everett Community College president, will give a host college presentation on Oct. 28.

The Board will meet with Everett CC trustees for dinner at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 27 at Anthony’s Home Port, 1726 West Marine View Drive, Everett.

Except for executive sessions, all meetings are open to the public.

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