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Digital forensics instructors share expertise overseas


Information Security instructors Mike Andrew and Steve Hailey will travel to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in January to teach a week long digital forensics class to information technology professionals and law enforcement in the UAE and teach a specialized class for the Ministry of Justice. They will also visit several law enforcement forensic crime labs to do some consulting.

In March, 15-25 law enforcement officers from Kuwait will come to Edmonds CC for digital forensics and advanced data recovery training in the college's new Digital Forensics and Information Security Applied Technology Lab in Snohomish Hall 123.

Andrew teaches Intro to Network Security, CIS 274, and Host System Security, CIS 275 at Edmonds CC this winter and Hailey teaches Digital Forensics, CIS 272, and Digital Forensics and the Law, CIS 201.

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