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New sculpture by artist Evan Blackwell at Meadowdale Hall

A new sculpture by local artist Evan Blackwell is going up on the teal corrugated wall of Meadowdale Hall. Blackwell and his crew will be installing the piece from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today, Fri., June 10, and welcome people to watch or ask questions as they work (please stay behind the yellow lines for safety). A formal dedication of the new artwork will take place this fall.

An art committee at Edmonds College selected Blackwell's work, which is funded by capital funds from the construction of Meadowdale Hall.

Designed specifically for Meadowdale Hall, the sculpture responds to the physical elements throughout the building as well as the programs operating within, including Visual Arts, Engineering, Construction Management and Energy Management. It is an assemblage of recycled construction materials arranged in a pattern inspired by circuit boards to reflect physical operating systems as well as the connections between disciplines and the broader connectivity of the campus as a whole.

As part of the commission, Blackwell participated in class visits where he talked about his art using assemblage and provided feedback for students working on similar projects. This successful exchange led the Visual Arts department to invite Blackwell to exhibit more of his work in the Art Gallery fall quarter. In addition to a formal dedication of the sculpture in the fall, Blackwell will lead a visiting artist workshop for students and a slide presentation for the campus.

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