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More opportunities for science students at Edmonds CC

Edmonds College’s newest program to encourage students to study math and science and offer more opportunities for science students is Relationships in STEM Education-RISE. The program aims to graduate more students with science degrees and help fill a gap in the nation’s science talent.

“We know we need to increase the number of students obtaining degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields to provide a workforce for a healthy economy in the 21st century. It's a great time to be studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics," said math instructor Deann Leoni.

RISE is a National Science Foundation-funded project, with $1 million awarded to Edmonds College over five years, to increase the number of STEM students graduating and transferring. It also will increase the diversity among STEM students and increase the successful progression of STEM majors through gateway STEM courses. The program will serve 75 students in its first year and as many as 230 students per year.

It offers additional support services for students who enroll in the RISE cohort, including a faculty advisor and mentor, a STEM study room with tutors available, STEM student socials, special classes, academic support between and during quarters, undergraduate research opportunities and/or service-learning opportunities, and assistance in the university transfer process or with job search.

"This project really allows us the opportunity to improve existing structures and create new activities that support our STEM students, both academically and socially. We want the students interested in majoring in STEM fields to feel that they are well supported by faculty and the school from their first day on campus through graduation. I hope anyone, especially women and under-represented minorities, will feel that we have the resources to support them achieve their goal of majoring in STEM," said Leoni.

Students eligible for RISE are those who are enrolled full–time (12 credits or more each quarter) at Edmonds College and are earning a two-year Associate degree and/or intending to transfer to a four-year institution in one of the following STEM fields of study: biology, chemistry, computer science, computer information systems, computer electronics and networks, engineering, environmental science, geology, materials science technology, mathematics, or physics.

Students must be a United States citizens or permanent resident, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and participate in RISE activities during the award term.


STEM at Edmonds College | www.edmonds.edu/stem

A hub of science, technology, engineering, and math training in its community, Edmonds College has received 18 National Science Foundation grants. The college houses the National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education, which provides curriculum resources for materials technology nationwide, and an advanced technology lab, and operates the Washington Aerospace Training and Resource Center.

It offers undergraduate science research projects and community events aimed at increasing interest in science studies. The college works to increase the numbers of women and underrepresented minorities studying science with programs such as the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Center, EdSTEM$ scholarships, and RISE.

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