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Become a Certified Laughter Leader: Workshop Oct. 13-14

Become a Certified Laughter Leader in a two day training, “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter." Get the knowledge and skills to give others a toolbox of systematic joyful activities that reduce stress, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, and improve immune function for health and happiness.

"This is laughter for living a healthy, balanced life. It may be the most cost-effective emotional vacation and stress-reduction program ever discovered," Wilson said.

The course costs $349, which includes the official study guide and reference manual, Certified Laughter Leader T-shirt, lunch, and a year of follow-up support.

Wilson has won international awards for his contributions to the field of therapeutic humor and laughter, developed the method with the support of key researchers and practitioners in the field. He is affiliated with the International Society for Humor Studies, the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, The American Humor Studies Association, and The International School of Laughter and Well-Being (France).