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Nominate an educator for the Excellence in Education award

The Excellence in Education award is presented by the Board of Trustees to an Edmonds College individual who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to excellence in education consistent with the college’s mission and goals. A gift of $500, plus $1,000 for professional development will be presented to the recipient at the employee recognition luncheon on May 6. Nominations may be made by any student, staff member or advisory committee member. Make your nomination online by March 25.

The award recognizes those who:

* Contribute to the mission and goals of the college;

* Demonstrate expertise in a particular job;

* Show influence beyond their area of expertise;

* Are professionally active; and

* Influence student success.

Prior recipients:

Beth Nichols, 2010

Anne Martin, 2009

Tom Murphy, 2008

David Cordell, 2007

Liz Murata, 2006

Barbara Haas, 2005

Veronica Rebeiro, 2004

Jerrilee Mosier, 2003

Claire Sharpe, 2002

Steve Hanson, 2001

Pat Nerison, 2000

Paulette Botley, 1999

David Chalif, 1998

Peggy Stephenson, 1998

Nicola Smith, 1997

Mary Lou Rozdilsky, 1996

Karen Johnson, 1995

Bill McMeekin, 1994

Eileen Soldwedel, 1993

Mary Hale, 1992

Nancy Moore, 1991

Roy Ghazimorad, 1990

Mary OBrien, 1989

Ed Aliverti, 1988

Jo Mosney, 1988

Rick Asher, 1987

John Fluke, Jr. 1986

Milt Stark, 1986

Elizabeth McNulty, 1985

Barbara Morgridge, 1984

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