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Edmonds CC President Jean Hernandez applauds Real Hope Act


  Jean Hernandez
  Edmonds CC President Jean Hernandez

Edmonds College applauds the passage of the Real Hope Act in Washington state as expressed by Edmonds CC President Jean Hernandez:

“As an institution with an unblinking commitment to strengthening our diverse community through education, equity, and inclusion, Edmonds College cheers Gov. Jay Inslee’s signing of the Real Hope Act into law, making aspiring American students eligible for state financial aid.

“At Edmonds CC, we strongly believe that a college education should be available to everyone, including qualified, hard-working students brought to the United States as children. The Real Hope Act broadens the pathway to education in our state. This act is closely aligned with our mission of strengthening our diverse community by helping students access educational and career opportunities in a supportive environment that encourages success, innovation, service, and lifelong learning.

“We look forward to celebrating the contributions that all of our graduates will make as industry and civic leaders, entrepreneurs, volunteers, lifelong learners, and members of our local and global community.”

The Real Hope Act allows undocumented immigrant high school graduates to apply for state-funded financial aid to help pay for college. Washington joins three other states — California, New Mexico, and Texas — in passing a version of what has also been called the Dream Act.

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