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Edmonds CC partners with VOICE to provide work experience to student with developmental issues


Brianna Horne
From left: Lori Tiede, Brianna Horne, and Debs Gerton.

Edmonds College partnered with the VOICE (Vocational Opportunities In Community Engagement) program of the Edmonds School District in 2015 for the first time, to give one of their students, Brianna Horne, an internship and a chance to see what it would be like to work at the college.

“Briana’s experience here was developed to simulate working independently in a job on a college campus,” said Lori Tiede, Edmonds CC Technology Training and Communications Project Manager.

Horne worked in the Technology Resource Center (TRC) at Edmonds CC from December 2014 until May 2015. Some of her duties included: proofing webpages, inventory control, creating a data list, computer lab cleaning, inventory of web pages, research and gathering data, and scanning and filing documents.

“It was our goal to help Brianna get more prepared for employment when she graduates from the VOICE program,” said Debs Gerton, Administrative Assistant for Instructional Technology Support at Edmonds CC.

VOICE is the Edmonds School District’s transition program for 18-21 year old students with disabilities.

“Programs like VOICE serve such a vital role in our community, and it only makes sense for a community college to partner with and support such programs when we can,” said Kevin McKay, Edmonds CC Vice President for Finance and Operations.   

“It has been a joy working with the VOICE team and making our campus available as an informal socializing opportunity,” said McKay. “It allows our students and staff an opportunity to learn a bit more about a slice of our community we often don't see.”

The partnership also made Edmonds CC the pick up and drop off bus location for VOICE students who are learning to function independently. Being able to be on a college campus, even if only for a few minutes each day, helps them.

“Our students and staff partner with employers in the local area to provide real world vocational experiences that lead to lifelong employment,” said Darren Spencer, Manager for Secondary Lifeskills, VOICE, and Health Services.

“Our student’s success at Edmonds CC this year is due to her own hard work, as well as the dedicated staff of both the district and the college. We look forward to continued opportunities to partner together to change the lives of the young adults in our community.”