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Edmonds CC hosts “Food Matters” event to tackle issues surrounding food


Food Matters
Participants discuss issues surrounding food.

Edmonds College hosted its first ever Food Matters event on June 2, for community members to share their stories and thoughts surrounding food with the organizations that serve them.

The event is the first of its kind in our community and the discussion focused on the issues that the community faces with eating well, and how the community can work together on the solutions. A graphic recorder wrote down all of the important ideas that were shared and facilitators helped move the conversation along.

The event was born from low-income community members not getting enough information regarding accessing food.

“We wanted to find out how hunger showed up in our community,” said Chris Hudyma, Edmonds CC Director of Organizational Development and Community Events. “Most importantly, we wanted our local community members who face hunger to have a voice in finding solutions.”

Many people showed up and consisted of: three community leaders, 14 community members, and 15 representatives from local food banks: Within Reach, Neighbors in Need, Whole Foods, Edmonds School District, YMCA, Mercy Housing, City of Lynnwood, and Verdant Health Commission.

The next step is to assemble all of the data into a report that will then be shared back with the community members and organizations who are working to serve them.

“It is our responsibility to make sure that we can alleviate hunger by giving a hand up — not a handout,” said Heidy Valles, Edmonds CC Growing Communities Coordinator.