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Edmonds College to launch medical assistant program


Students can earn a medical assistant certificate at Edmonds College in less than a year. (Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages)

Students can earn a medical assistant certificate at Edmonds College in less than a year. (Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages)

This fall, Edmonds College will introduce a medical assistant certificate that can be completed in less than a year.

“Our local healthcare industry partners have let us know there are significant staffing shortages of medical assistants within their clinics,” said Edmonds College President Dr. Amit B. Singh. “Our program will help our local healthcare employers better serve their communities.”

The program will train students to work alongside medical providers in medical offices and clinics to provide the best possible care for patients and play an integral role in patient care management. Courses combine online learning with on-campus labs and culminate in clinical externships that provide real-world experience in the profession.  

“Medical assistants are essential members of the healthcare team, and this career is a good match for someone who enjoys working with people in various capacities, “ said Karen Townsend, dean of human health and services division. 

“The medical assisting certificate can also be a springboard to an associate degree in allied health and eventually to our applied bachelor’s degree in integrated healthcare management, allowing students to move forward in their careers,” added Townsend.

Students will train in clinical duties, including how to assist with examinations and treatments, conducting medical histories, performing laboratory examinations and procedures, completing vital signs, sterilizing instruments and supplies, assisting with minor surgery, medical office administrative services, and administering medications.  

They will also learn to do administrative duties, including managing patient schedules and supply inventories, handling billing and insurance-related tasks, updating and maintaining medical records, and assisting with overall office management.

Once they complete the program, graduates can provide clinical and administrative support in outpatient settings in the community, ambulatory care centers, and hospitals.  

Learn more about the medical assistant certificate.

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