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Edmonds College will host career readiness conference on May 16


Various sessions for “The Career Readiness Conference” will be held throughout Mountlake Terrace Hall. (Arutyun Sargsyan / Edmonds College)

Various sessions for “The Career Readiness Conference” will be held throughout Mountlake Terrace Hall. (Arutyun Sargsyan / Edmonds College)

Edmonds College will host “The Career Readiness Conference” (formerly “Career Expo”) on Thursday, May 16. The event is open to all Edmonds students and will occur at Mountlake Terrace Hall at 11 a.m. A similar event will be hosted for Pursuit students starting at 9 a.m.  

The unique event allows students to gain valuable skills to prepare them for employment. Participants will begin the event in The Career Action Center’s Resource Room and work from session to session, collecting stamps to redeem in the final refreshments session. The event will take about 90 minutes to complete, with students spending time in each session for approximately 15 minutes each.

"We are excited to empower a new wave of aspiring professionals with the critical tools and insights they need to shine brightly in the competitive landscape of today's job market," said Douglas Evans, Career Action Center business outreach specialist. 

“This conference isn't just an event; it's a journey towards transformation. This isn't just about learning the tools to securing a job; it's about forging a path towards a fulfilling and prosperous career with lifelong skills.” 

Session 1 (MLT 138): Resume Critique

Qualified personnel will review and evaluate students’ resumes so that they know where to make improvements before progressing to the next session.

Session 2 (MLT 227): Soft Skills

In this session, personnel will support students in a basic understanding of how to deliver a 60-second “elevator pitch.” This pitch will be used during the next session, Speed Networking. Personnel will also support students in the basic understanding of the STAR method of interviewing.

Session 3 (2nd floor MLT Lobby): Speed Networking

Students will deliver their elevator pitch to another student or staff. Following their elevator pitch, they will work through a series of questions that one might experience during a real-world networking event.

Session 4 (MLT 214): Job Exploration

Event personnel will assist students in their job search process, helping them to identify current job openings that fit their interests and align with their field of study. They will provide guidance on how to utilize job search tools like WorkSourceWa.com, Handshake, LinkedIn, Indeed, and other relevant platforms. Students will be encouraged to print out a list of prospective job openings they are interested in, which will be used in the next session. 

Session 5 (MLT 219): Mock Interviews

In this session, personnel will use behavioral interviewing techniques to help develop students’ skills in utilizing the STAR method of interviewing. Students will present the printed job description from the previous session, and the interviewer will use this as a guide to support the interview process.

Session 6 (MLT 216): Refreshments

Students will end “The Career Readiness Conference” by presenting their fully stamped sheets to personnel to receive refreshments.

There will also be two bonus sessions:

Session 7 (MLT 224): Quiet Room

Students and personnel can take a moment to relax in this quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the event.

Session 8 (MLT 225): Dress For Success

Evergreen Goodwill will be giving away vouchers so students can have the opportunity to don professional attire.

To register or learn more, contact Izzy Sanders at izzy.sanders@edmonds.edu.

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