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The WorkFirst team at Edmonds College believes in the Washington state goal for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients: "A job, a better job, a better life."

One of the best ways to reach this goal is through education and training through WorkFirst.

WorkFirst offers case management and assistance with tuition and textbooks  for students pursuing approved certificates, GED/High School Completion, and English as a Second Language programs.


  • Currently receiving TANF (DSHS cash and food assistance)
  • Request a referral from your DSHS case manager to Edmonds College to see if you qualify

Once your referral is received, a program specialist will reach out to you to schedule an appointment with the WorkFirst Coordinator.

For more information on how to apply for TANF or other support services from DSHS, see Washington Connections or call DSHS at 1.877.501.2233.


  • Be in an approved program of program of study
  • Submit weekly time sheets in order to report participation hours to DSHS
  • Report any absences to WorkFirst Attendance
  • Maintain an updated academic plan developed by a program advisor

Approved Programs of Study

Available programs are designed to be linked to a specific career ladder and to lead to better skills and higher wages.

Certificate Programs

  • Accounting
    Small Business| Basic Bookkeeping
  • Allied Health Education
    Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant | Clinical Lab Assistant | Health Unit Coordinator | Patient Care Technician | Nursing Assistant (CNA) | Electrocardiography (EKG) Technician | Phlebotomy Technician | Pharmacy Technician| Home Health Aide | Dental Assisting
  • Business Information Technology
     Basic Office | Advanced Office | Health Care Administration | Medical Office | Office Skills Technician
  • Business Management
    Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management| Marketing| Project Management
  • Computer Information Systems
    Desktop Support Specialist| Server Administration| Technology Support| Web Application Developer| Cyber Security| Business Systems Analyst
  • Construction Management
    Building Inspection | Civil Construction | Construction Management
  • Culinary Arts
    Baking| Commercial| Catering| Mobile Food
  • Early Childhood Learning
    Intermediate | State
  • Engineering Technology
    Computer Aided Design & 3D Printing| Material Science| Quality & Manufacturing
  • Event Planning
  • Horticulture
    Landscape| Nursery Growers| Urban Agriculture
  • Hospitality and Tourism
    Travel Certificate
  • Occupational Safety and Health
    Construction Safety| Occupational Safety
  • Paralegal
    Advanced Paralegal
  • Social and Human Services 
    Family Support| Addiction Studies| Mental Health Technician
  • Washington Aerospace Training and Research (WATR) Center -
    Electrical | Assembly| Tooling| Quality Assurance| Composites

The Following Classes are Open Entry 

  • WorkFirst Education & Employment Readiness Class 
    For more information, contact Penny Robins at penny.robins@edmonds.edu.
  • Solid Foundation Class 
    Classes meet online in one-week sessions. For more information, contact Penny Robins at penny.robins@edmonds.edu.
  • WorkFirst GED Class | 9 am-noon, Monday-Thursday 
    For more information, contact Carolee Davis, GED instructor, at 425.640.1232 or cdavis@edmonds.edu.