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You can earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification in as quickly as two quarters at Edmonds College. The Office Applications Certificate curriculum includes key office software applications and an opportunity to earn Microsoft certifications in Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. The program provides complementary skills utilized by employees in various office positions within a company. This certificate requires completing a minimum of 20 credits as outlined. 

Program Requirement Sheet

Certificate Pathway

This is a suggested certificate pathway, a sequence of courses to earn the degree completely online. Please connect with an advisor to customize your program to meet your needs.

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  • A one-time purchase of a Pearson access code is required; the access code is valid for all of the classes listed on this academic plan.
  • BSTEC 211 and 222 alternate quarters. The order these classes are taken may be switched depending on the quarter available. 

Advisor: Stephanie Bevans (stephanie.bevans@edmonds.edu)

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