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EdCAP Student Spotlights

Student Spotlight: Graduate Tony Void

young man sitting rock in front of water, in cap and gown smiling. Student pictured is Tony Void

"EdCAP is a unique experience for anyone who enters the program. Sure its generally aimed at students who aren't able to finish traditional high school for one reason or another, or never went, or like myself simply dropped out. And it’s the best decision I've ever made. Every single class has been able to accommodate my work and personal schedule so I could have some kind of balance in life and stray away from the insane demand of public high school. I was able to pick my professors and return to the ones I enjoyed and have that deeper connection with them. I wasn't much one for the clubs of campus life, but within EdCAP I had a stint through the ambassador program, assisted with creating the Tunnels, and even just had lunch or coffee with my peers and professors on campus from time to time. I really can't express how much EdCAP has done for me, and I know it sounds like some mushy Hallmark story but even so, not only was the EdCAP team of advisors and professors there with me when I was pulling good grades and attending classes, they were there when I would disappear from campus for weeks at a time only to show up in class again totally out of it and upset. I was never, ever alone here. I always had somewhere to go, I always had a person to reach out to, and I always had a way for my voice to get out and be heard.

So if you're leaving, congratulations! You did it! Who's to say non-traditional is the wrong way? Nothing about this era is 'traditional.'

If you're still going through classes, don't panic, I'm literally finishing because I have to and it's by the skin of my teeth. There's no shame. Be excited just the same!"

Student Spotlight: Graduate Joseph Oberhausen

Photo of young white man in blue sweatshirt at beach. Student featured is Joseph Oberhausen

Central Washington University

"My Name is Joseph Oberhausen, and I am currently finishing up my transfer degree from Edmonds College. I am interested in doing an information technology business degree at Central Washington University. When I finish, I would like to get into business operations or something people related. My passion has been and always will be people, and I have been interested in a people job in a corporate setting for a while now. As I continue to reach my goal of completing my degree, I will eventually find my path after school and get something that is people-related and business related."

EdCAP students and staff participating in LEAF School's Tribal Canoe journey

EdCAP Students and Staff on LEAF School's Canoe Journey Summer 2019

 Students Pictured: Madison Dailey, Rosina Gonzalez, Aida Tundru, Alex Ward, Colby West, and Felicia Bryan
Staff Pictured: Maizy Brown - Former EdCAP Case Manager