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Academic I-BEST: Pathways for Transfer Degree Students

Want to take core classes for your degree, but don't have English 101 placement yet? I-BEST can help!

Academic I-BEST offers different Core Distribution Requirements (elective classes) each quarter, paired with a multi-level English "Bucket" class and a writing workshop. Students enroll in 12 credits total. These classes are team-taught by two instructors, and students can potentially earn credit for up-to English 101 the same quarter! Hard work can save you time and money, and help you reach your goals faster!

Academic I-BEST Classes (5 credits each)*

Distribution Requirements (Core Elective Classes) Quarterly Schedule
Introduction to Business*
Fall and
Public Speaking*

*CMST&220 and BUS&101 are transferable credits accepted by most four-year universities. They are also relevant electives for a variety of areas of study. Seen an I-BEST advisor to verify whether these classes count towards your degree.  

English "Bucket" Class (5 credits)

Students with the following pre-college English placements are eligible for participation: 

  • ENGLP 90 or ENGLP 93 
  • AENGL 93 or AENGL 96 
  • And English 99
    • Students register into their placement level, with help from an I-BEST advisor.
    • Students who demonstrate higher level work through class assignments have potential to earn credit for up-to English 101 in the same quarter.
    • Individual results vary, based on academic improvement demonstrated and instructors' evaluation of work. After completion, the highest credit earned is reflected on transcripts, and students receive an updated placement for the following quarter.
    • Please see an I-BEST Advisor/Case Manager for more details and individualized assistance.

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