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Tuition Assistance Programs

State- and federally-funded tuition assistance programs are available for qualified students.

Basic Food Employment and Training

Childcare, books, and some emergency support services for food-stamp-eligible students

Opportunity Grant

Pays 45 credits of college tuition and fees and up to $1,000 per year for books and supplies for income-eligible students


Tuition assistance and short-term vocational training for income-eligible parents

Worker Retraining

Tuition assistance for unemployed and displaced workers

Foundation Scholarships

The Edmonds College Foundation provides funding for student scholarships.

Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing

Edmonds College has extensive and innovative partnerships with a wide range of aerospace and advanced manufacturing businesses in the Puget Sound Region.

Specialized student internships, donations of equipment and supplies, and industry involvement with program advisory committees keep the college's workforce programs aligned with employer needs and the changing economy.

Strong business and industry partnerships contribute to:

  • the delivery of quality education and training programs for all students
  • building a strong workforce for aerospace and advanced manufacturing businesses and industries.

Interested in partnering your business with the college?

Contact Larry Cluphf Executive Director at 425.267.5738 or larry.cluphf@edmonds.edu.