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Posted July 8 - Serving and supporting students and the community remotely. Please do not come to campus unless you have an in-person class or a child at the Center for Families.
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Move Further and Faster to a Better Career and Future!

Pre-College Office is Serving Students Remotely!

For the health and safety of our community, all college offices have moved services online through July 30. We will begin offering in-person services by appointment only Aug. 2 through Sept. 3.

Advisors are available by phone, GoogleMeet or email. Please call 425.640.1593 to make an appointment or connect with your advisor directly. Fall Quarter classes start September 20.

Zoom Virtual Chat (button below): Mon.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Connect to Pre-College Front Desk

I-BEST Advisors are taking appointments by phone or video chat.

To schedule your appointment with I-BEST, please call 425.640.1593 or book online at: ibestedcc.youcanbook.me.

What is I-BEST? How Does It Work?

I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training) helps students start college-level classes early with extra support. I-BEST students benefit from two teachers in class, to help you learn, and specialized I-BEST advisors who help with quarterly registration, academic planning, financial aid, and resources for success.

I-BEST was designed to help students reach their academic and career goals faster, in a highly supportive learning environment. Classes cost regular college tuition, but all the extra support is free, and there are lots of benefits for students. Our advisors can help students find resources to pay for school. Please contacts us with questions! We are here to help!

WA State Board I-BEST website
2015 Seattle Times Article on I-BEST

The I-BEST Program also offers students individualized case management support in areas of:

  • Academic planning and quarterly registration
  • Short-term certificates or longer-term degree opportunities
  • Financial aid advising, scholarship applications, and guidance in funding sources
  • Support in ongoing decision-making and navigating campus resources

Earn a certificate and jump-start you new career in professional-technical degree pathways:

Academic I-BEST for Transfer Degree Students

Earn transfer degree credits in both an English "Bucket" class with writing support, AND a core distribution/elective class at the same time. Options vary each quarter, but may include:

  • BUS&101: Introduction to Business
  • CMST&220: Public Speaking
  • more subject areas coming soon!

Without I-BEST, these courses require English 101 Placements. However, I-BEST lets students start early, with a linked multi-level English class. Students enroll in 12 credits and learn college content while improving writing skills, and have a change to level-up, and maybe finish English 101 at the same time! This is a great option for students who want help with writing and and who want to move faster toward college level work and two year degrees. These classes are required for many college pathways, and I-BEST Advisors can help students register for the right classes.

I-BEST Student Eligibility:

  • ESL Level 5+ placement or higher for Prof-Tech I-BEST
  • ENGLP 90 (English Prep) placement or higher, for Academic I-BEST
  • Schedule an appointment with an I-BEST Advisor/Case Manager to:
    • Learn more about IBEST programs
    • Explore options for financial aid, scholarships, and funding
    • Register for classes
  • CASAS Placement Testing (temporarily waived due to COVID)
    • Eligible CASAS "GOALS" Reading Score of 220+
    • CASAS Math requirements vary by program
  • NOTE: Running Start and OIP students on F1-Visas are not eligible for I-BEST.

Find Out More/Enroll for I-BEST Programs: