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Posted Sept. 23 - Serving and supporting students and the community remotely. Please do not come to campus unless you have an in-person class or a child at the Center for Families. Text us your questions at 425.243.0867.
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English Language Acquisition (ELA)

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ELA (ESL) Advising Office

Email your questions to esladvising@edcc.edu or Text to 425.224.7326 (no calls)

Name Title Email
Marisa DuBois ELA Student Services Director  marisa.dubois@edcc.edu
Simone Gomes ELA Program Support Manager  simone.gomes@edcc.edu
Christi Hnat ELA Transitions Case Manager  christi.hnat@edcc.edu
Iryna Novachuk ELA Advisor / Program Specialist  iryna.novachuk@edcc.edu
Emmanuel Obe ELA Student Engagement / Retention Specialist  emmanuel.obe@edcc.edu

Faculty Listing


Name Email
Janet Andree janet.andree@edcc.edu
Shauna Arnaud shauna.arnaud@edcc.edu
Susana Asberry susana.asberry@edcc.edu
Debbie Barks debbie.barks@edcc.edu
Dyani Bartlett dyani.bartlett@edcc.edu
Fatima Benlyazid fatima.benlyazid@edcc.edu
Christie-Lynne Bonner cbonner@edcc.edu
Dave Boyle dboyle@edcc.edu
Jackie Burgess jburgess@edcc.edu
Ted Chen edward.chen@edcc.edu
Rhonda Dupuis rhonda.dupuis@edcc.edu
Julie P. Drews julie.palomino@edcc.edu
Karen Fenner karen.fenner@edcc.edu
Diana George diana.george@edcc.edu
Darcie Hammer darcie.hammer@edcc.edu
Rebecca Hansen rebecca.hansen@edcc.edu
Holly Havnaer hhavnaer@edcc.edu
Tammy Herreid therreid@edcc.edu
Tracey Higgins  thiggins@edcc.edu
Chris Jenkins  christine.jenkins@edcc.edu
Kathy Jenkins  katherine.jenkins@edcc.edu
Amy Jones amy.jones@edcc.edu
Anna Kim anna.kim@edcc.edu
Sarah Lawrence  sarah.lawrence@edcc.edu
Barbara Logan barbara.logan@edcc.edu
Nicole  Luvison nicole.luvison@edcc.edu
Jennie McCulloch jennie.mcculloch@edcc.edu
Geoff McKeown geoffrey.mckeown@edcc.edu
Laureen Miki laureen.miki@edcc.edu
Diane Riegner  driegner@edcc.edu
Matthew Sanders matthew.sanders@edcc.edu
Christy Thwing christy.thwing@edcc.edu
Marcos Valle  marcos.valle@edcc.edu
Kent Young kent.young@edcc.edu