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Posted Nov. 23 - Serving and supporting students and the community remotely. Please do not come to campus unless you have an in-person class or a child at the Center for Families. Text us your questions at 425.243.0867.
COVID-19 updates | Winter 2021 Back to School Guide | Get ready to learn online | Center for Families and Housing are open!
English Language Acquisition (ELA)

Get started

Due to COVID-19, we must advise and place new ELA (ESL) students through an online orientation and assessment process. Follow the steps below to get started.

Winter quarter classes begin on January 4. All ELA (ESL) classes will be online. Classes cost $25 per quarter. If you can't pay the tuition, please let us know and we can help.

Please stay healthy and safe!

Please watch this video to help you with the advising and testing process.

Continue to New Student Video or Returning Student Video.

If you are a returning student and already took English classes at Edmonds college in the past, please fill out this form. We will look at your past class history. You might need to take our placement test again depending on your previous classes. You will be notified by email if you need a test again or not.

Returning Students

New students, please complete all 3 steps below:

 Studets are taking tests

1. Apply for Admission

Fill out this application. If you already have a student ID number from Edmonds College, please go to Step #2

Need to translate this form? Please click Here for instructions.

Apply for Admission  

2. Complete some questions for the ELA (ESL) Department

After you submit your application (Step #1), please answer some questions for us below. Don't forget to make an appointment after submitting this form. Please make sure that you received an email confirmation about your appointment.

Student Questions

3. Please check your email before your scheduled appointment — an advisor will send you a Zoom link 

An advisor will send you an email with a Zoom link and required form to complete on the day of  your appointment.  You might receive a phone call from us as well.  We will discuss your placement and next steps. The appointment will take 20 minutes.


Please go to Contact Us page if you have any questions.