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English Language Acquisition (ELA)

Get started

Due to COVID-19, we must advise and place new ELA (ESL) students through an online orientation and assessment process.
EC Spring quarter classes started on April 5.  All ELA (ESL) classes will be online.   
Are you a FORMER Student? Or Are you a NEW student? 
Follow the appropriate steps below to get started:

Former Students Only:

If you are currently taking winter quarter class, your teacher will help you register. Please ask your teacher any registration questions (spring quarter registration will happen in the middle of March).

There is one important change at the college -- we moved to a new software system for students and staff. Due to this change, your old student ID number (SID#) no longer works. Your pin is your birthday (month / day/ year; 2 digits each -- for example 010160). We need you to find out your new SID# at this link HERE

Once you have your new SID#, please go to the form form below. We will look at your past class history. You might need to take our placement test again depending on your previous classes. You will be notified by email if you need a test again or not. If you have any questions, please contact us -- our details are at the bottom of this webpage. Also, make sure to check your email often in case we need to contact you with any questions.  

Former Students

New students only - please complete all 3 steps below:

1. Complete some questions for the ELA (ESL) Department / new students only

Please answer some questions for us below.

Need to translate this form? Please click Here for instructions.

Student Questions

2. Schedule your appointment / new students only

After you submit your form (Step #1) don't forget to make an appointment. Please make sure that you receive an email confirmation about your appointment. An advisor will send you an email with a Zoom link and required form to complete on the day of your appointment. You might receive a phone call from us as well. We will discuss your placement and next steps. The appointment will take 20 minutes.


3. Apply for Admission / new students only

Please Create New Account and fill out the application. If you already have a student ID number from Edmonds College, you don’t have to do it.

Important! Please watch this video to help you with the application. There is some new vocabulary that is very important. For example, please choose Transitional Studies under the Academic Program section. Under Admit Type -- please choose First Year. And finally, for Academic Plan -- please choose English as a Second Language.

  Apply for Admission  

Need help?

Do you have any questions about the application? Please contact us. We want to help you! Here is how you contact the ELA Advising Team:

Email: elaadvising@edcc.edu

Text only: 425.224.7326

Zoom Hours: coming soon!