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Children in coop preschool


Be Involved and Learn Together

By becoming involved with a parent cooperative program, you will:

  • Support and guide your children and their peers as they develop social skills.
  • Discuss child development and parenting strategies with an experienced educator.
  • Make new friends with parents who have children the same age as your own.
  • Develop a new appreciation for the purpose of play with babies and children.
  • Reduce preschool costs through your active participation.

The Parent Cooperative Program focuses on learning through play. The curriculum includes age appropriate activities in art, music, math, dramatic play, social skills, science, language and early literacy.

Pre-school classes are filled with singing, dancing, tower building, stories, painting, dress up, field trips and outdoor experiences. Learning activities frequently change to remain stimulating and fun.

Infant / Toddler Program

Classes provide parents a chance to learn how to play with their young children. They spend time practicing games such as finger plays, peek-a-boo and bubbles and bells. Play time enhances the bonding relationship between parent and child.

Non-Discriminatory Policy