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Echelbarger-Sherman Faculty Award

The Echelbarger-Sherman Exceptional Faculty Award was initiated and funded by two foundation board members and their spouses, Dean and Gladys Echelbarger and Vaughn and Janice Sherman. It was established to recognize full-time faculty who excel at the college. The Exceptional Faculty Award is a state-endowment matched program established by the legislature and funded at Edmonds College through the Foundation. Recipients are selected by a committee chaired by the vice president of instruction.

Faculty are chosen for their:

  • exceptional service to their program or discipline
  • dedication, knowledge, expertise, or exceptional achievement in a discipline, program or academic or professional specialty
  • outstanding teaching, counseling, or librarianship skills
  • superior service in the classroom, library, or counseling duties 


2022 Recipients:

Michelle Hubbard, Pre-College

Lori Hays, Biology - STEM Department