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Art exhibit, Vaughn Bell's 'This Land is Your/My Land,' runs through March 12


Personal Landscape Exchange, Vaughn Bell, 2005

Personal Landscape Exchange, Vaughn Bell, 2005

Seattle artist Vaughn Bell brings her project "This Land is Your/My Land" to the Edmonds College art gallery on the third floor of Lynnwood Hall. It runs through March 12.

Over the last several years, Bell has created a series of performance works she describes as "Cultivation Utility Actions." Her works play with notions of ownership, responsibility, and how people relate to the land.

"The performances have at heart a spirit of playfulness and generosity, and also create opportunities for care," said Bell. "Each piece of adopted land is a small instance in which people can exert influence over their immediate environment. The activity creates a link of care and responsibility between artist, participant, and living plants and soil."

Bell will present a series of new performances building on the idea of the land-gift exchange, cultivation utility actions, and land for adoption. Documents, images, video, and text about her projects will be on display.

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