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Edmonds CC Culinary Arts featured in Northwest Palate

Edmonds College chefs Charles Drabkin and Traci Edlin and their students were featured in the May/June 2009 issue of Northwest Palate.

The article, "Doyens of Dessert," shows how the Culinary Arts program creates desserts each year at the International Pinot Noir Celebration in McMinnville, Ore. The celebration features notable chefs from many of the Northwest's top restaurants. The college's Culinary Arts program has been among the featured guest chefs for the past 10 years. They prepare desserts for the event's popular Saturday night salmon bake.

The Edmonds CC pastry team's attentive preparation of numerous puff pastries, lemon bars, empanadas, and tarts caught the attention of a writer for Northwest Palate. Culinary Arts instructors Charles Drabkin and Traci Edlin traveled to the INPC last year with eight students: Will Gutierrez, Andrea Aroche, Kelli Geiger, JoAnne Mooney, Kyle Ketcham, Robert Schaudt, Heather Hill, and Rakesh Kondaiya.

They, and Edmonds College Culinary Arts alumni Larry Taffera and David Stryder, worked nonstop upon arrival at the festival to prepare a variety of tempting desserts. In keeping with the event’s local and organic focus, their menu featured confections prepared with ingredients provided by local businesses.

Here's Edmonds College Culinary Arts 2008 International Pinot Noir Celebration Menu:

  • Bluebird Grain Farm’s farro and raspberry cupcakes
  • Theo Chocolate’s Pinot Noir debauchery
  • Puff pastry with grilled nectarines and local honey, balsamic and mascarpone
  • Caramel chocolate tarts
  • Habanero shortcakes with peaches and lavender cream
  • Blueberry lemon bars
  • Caffe Vita espresso and hazelnut panna cotta
  • Snoqualmie Gourmet vanilla ice-cream with hot fudge and house made maraschino style cherries
  • Blackberry and port empanadas
  • Apricot and almond phyllo purses
  • Assorted cookies, lavish and local cheeses

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