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Comprehensive Plan

2021-22 College Priorities

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The college Access goal aims to increase student and community access to college pathways. Increasing access to the college experience through outreach and marketing, high-quality academic programs, clear pathways; and student-centered course scheduling are included in this goal.

  • Increase New Student Enrollments
  • Offer Clear, Relevant Academic Pathways
  • Close Racial Equity Gaps Related to Access

Success for all students is a driving priority for Edmonds College. Establishing an inclusive learning environment requires equitable support structures, quality student success resources, and inescapable pathway communication to guide students to attain their academic goals.

  • Ensure That All Students Enter an Academic or Career Pathway
  • Ensure That All Students Stay on Their Academic or Career Pathway 
  • Offer Holistic Support for Students' Non-Academic and Financial Needs 
  • Improve Progression and Completion for Students, with an Emphasis on Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Student Success

Edmonds College is committed to serving our community and partnering in creative and unique ways to solve problems, meet needs, and build futures. Investing in relationships with organizations, partners, and community leaders for shared outcomes is the intent of this goal.

This goal aims to build institutional, individual and professional capacity for excellence through focus on identified leadership competencies. Intentional pursuit of process improvement, operational efficiencies, strategic use of resources, and customer obsession will also drive progress toward this goal.

  • Become an Anti-Racist Institution
  • Ensure Fiscal Health and Stability
  • Enhance Employee Recruitment and Retention
  • Invest in Digital Transformation
  • Ensure College Policies and Procedures Reflect Operational Excellence and Focus on Equity

Edmonds College will create synergies among the business community, our racially diverse and immigrant communities, and our campus community by creating access and opportunity through an entrepreneurship hub.

  • Grow Public/Private Partnerships for Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  • Create Entrepreneurial Learning Opportunities

Edmonds College will commit to enhancing academic and service delivery to fit the modern student lifestyle: delivering personalized attention at mass scale.

  • Increase Flexible Academic Delivery Options and Online Course Quality
  • Deliver Technology Enhanced Services and Programs

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