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2024 Workshops

Advanced Imaging Technology: See What Your Teeth and Mouth Look Like!

Learn how dentists take images of your mouth using an intraoral camera. Watch a demo of a 3D scan and what it shows, and learn how dentists do cleanings with a teeth model!

Architectural 3D Modeling Using Sketchup

Learn how to take a two dimensional house plan and create a 3D architectural model without using cardboard, Exacto knives and lots of hot glue.

Beads in a Chain: How Do Nucleosomes on DNA Help to Treat Cancer?

We need a better way to monitor tumors than the current method of tumor biopsies, which are expansive, invasive, and sometimes unfeasible. In this workshop, you’ll learn how a simple blood draw, using nucleosomes and DNA sequences, might replace the need for tumor biopsies.

Coding with Shapes and Turtles

Learn how to make shapes, loops, and functions using Python!

Got a Pencil? Shape Your Future and Environment! 

Learn about the steps that are taken during Public Works projects by the Environmental Services team to ensure the environment is protected when roads, trails, and bridges are developed and constructed.

It's Always the Last Place You Look: Finding a Needle in a Haystack with Computer Science

Computer Science is more than just programming! It is also about figuring out efficient ways to perform tasks. Discover the secrets of efficient searching algorithms and experience thinking like a computer scientist.

Landscape Architecture: Real Life Roblox, Designing for Communities

Have you ever wondered how your city and neighborhood are designed? From your favorite bench to watch the sunset to the bike trail that connects your neighborhood to your favorite park, the beach, and downtown shops and restaurants, the job of a landscape architect is to design outdoor community spaces that make our towns more sustainable, safe, and vibrant. Join landscape architects from Osborn Consulting in designing your own park based on the unique needs of the community members. Consider what makes a community space special and how a future career in landscape architecture can help create healthy and happy spaces in your own neighborhood.

Lunar Rover Design Challenge

Create your own lunar rover! Once you're done, start it up and let it roll!

Meet the Claw!

Come and learn about industrial robots used in manufacturing. Explore a robot's claw, and learn how it works.

Microbial Mysteries

Work in groups to identify organisms and their risks to people. View prepared gram stains, lactophenol blue preparations, motility tubes, and grown plates. Perform catalase, oxidase, and indole spot tests.

Oh My Cod, My Filet-o-Fish Comes from Where?

Did you know that your California sushi roll and fish sticks come from one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world? What is sustainability you ask? Great question! Dive in and learn what it’s like to be a fisheries biologist at-sea in Alaska. Come get fishy with us; learn about safety gear and how to identify fish.

Orcas and Otters and Octopuses, Oh My!

This region is home to some of the most intriguing organisms. Visit Ardi Kveven, a marine biologist and captain who founded the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA), and learn about why the Salish Sea supports such a wide variety of cool critters. Experience what it’s like to be a student attending ORCA by dissecting otter scat, analyzing data, and observing plankton.

Post-Flush Processing: The (Waste)water Cycle

Do you know what happens after you flush the toilet? In this workshop, you will learn how wastewater is managed in the United States and how regulations work to protect both human and environmental health. Explore the heart of environmental engineering by brainstorming creative ways to best care for one of Earth's most precious resources: water!

Record Electricity from Your Muscles! Learn How Your Brain and Muscles Communicate and Listen to Them Talk

Learn about muscle physiology by using electromyograms (EMGs), the electrical activity you can record in a muscle. When we decide to move a muscle, neurons in the brain will send an electrical signal to neurons in your spinal cord which then sends this signal to your muscles causing them to contract. In this activity, we'll be listening to that electrical signal in your bicep. Using electrodes and our smart phones or laptops, we can both see and hear this electrical activity while our muscle is at rest or while we're using it.

Running with Scissors: Athletic Training, Sideline Medicine, and Sports Performance

Learn the principles of sports performance, common Athletic Training injury evaluations, and bust some common myths!

Scientrepreneurship: Merging Science and Business

Explore how science and business can collide into a career. After learning about one or two examples, students will brainstorm scientific ideas that are ripe for entrepreneurial pursuits.  Shark tank these ideas and sell them.

Super Human

In this workshop, we will use augmented reality and other techniques to explore the inside of the human body to discover how super our bodies really are.

That’s Bright! Electricity is Amazing

Modern life depends on electricity, but how does it get to your outlet? Come learn with us how electricity flows and build a simple circuit to help understand how power gets from generation to your home!

Virtual to Reality: Innovating Construction

Learn the art of construction from our enthusiastic team. From envisioning with AR to sustainability and project management be ready to create a small-scale project of your own to take home.

Water You Thinking? Build a Bridge and Get Over It!

Students will test their bridge-building skills in a friendly competition! Construct the best bridge and test its load-bearing capacity using pennies. Strongest bridge wins!

Wetlands: A Career of Playing in Mud!

In this workshop, we will discuss what a wetland is, how they are identified, why we care about their protection, and what regulations are currently in place to protect them. Take a look at wetland plant specimens, grab some dirt, and watch a small-scale model that shows how water moves through the landscape!

What is That Smell? The Nose Knows!

How well can you smell? We will explore the journey of odors from nose to brain and the connection to memories, mood and taste. You will learn about the chemical molecules behind smells, how small changes can have big effects, and test your ability to identify fragrances.


Where Do Medicines Come From? Demystifying the Drug Development Process 

Explore the fascinating world of drug development! Uncover the journey from concept to clinic, delving into the drug development pipeline and understanding the pivotal role of the FDA. Discover diverse career opportunities beyond science. Dive into the extraordinary realm of CAR T cells and their cancer-fighting prowess. Engage in hands-on "pipetting art," where you'll use pipets and liquid handlers to create a unique masterpiece.

Women in Forensic DNA Testing: It’s the X, X Factor

While not as glamorous as portrayed on TV shows like CSI, the field of forensic science is a great way to apply science toward helping and serving the community. Get a brief introduction on the sources, interpretation, and identification of DNA. Come test your saliva and see if you can identify a suspect!