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Lorenzo Townsend: Divergent/Interpretations

Black Daisy, Photograph/Digital Art, 19x13", 2019

Black Daisy, Photograph/Digital Art, 19x13", 2019

Sept. 20-Dec. 10, 2021

This exhibit includes Townsend’s photographic images which have been edited to become digital art. This artwork presents a personal view and artistic representation of everyday objects, and encourages others to re-imagine the world around them and seek wonder in the mundane.

Artist Statement

Self portrait of the artist

Self- Portrait, Photograph/Digital Art, 11x11", 2020.

I have spent most of my life trying to hide in the shadows. I am black and large, so that has been hard to accomplish. I’ve been trying to fulfill this objective so long that I lost my sense of self, but making art has allowed me to rediscover my identity. Through this exhibit, you are looking at me stepping out of the darkness and into the spotlight, revealing my heart & soul through the art I’ve created, and allowing others to see the world through my eyes.

The artworks presented here are based on my photographs, which have been digitally altered to represent the beauty and wonder that I see when I look at ordinary things in everyday life. My hope in showing these works is to get people to look at the world in a new way, and to see art in all things. The subject of my images are things we all walk by daily and overlook, but if you take the time to look deeper you can appreciate the beauty and richness of what’s all around.


  • SHADING - Photograph/Digital Art
  • JULIS - Photograph/Digital Art
  • GHOST FLOWER - Photograph/Digital Art
  • TRUST - Photograph/Digital Art
  • MOTHERS FLOWER - Photograph/Digital Art
  • POND RAIN - Photograph/Digital Art
  • LINES - Photograph/Digital Art
  • GRASS X-RAY - Photograph/Digital Art
  • WIND BLOWN PUDDLE - Photograph/Digital Art

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