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Scholarships for Students

The 2021-2022 Annual Scholarship Application is now closed.

  • Applications are being scored now through April 30.
  • Awarding will begin in mid May.
  • All applicants will be contacted by the end of June whether they were awarded or not.

Annual Awards

The Foundation awards over 100 scholarships to Edmonds College students once each year for tuition, books and fees for the next school year. The amounts and number awarded vary from year to year based on available funding. Typical awards range from $1,000-$4,500.

All students with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher who plan to enroll in a Certificate or AA program at Edmonds College in the upcoming academic year are eligible to apply, excluding students who will be in Running Start for the duration of the upcoming academic year. The application typically opens in winter quarter and is due in spring quarter.

Complete the Dream

The Foundation also funds a scholarship for students who are in their last quarter and need financial assistance to graduate or complete their program/certificate. This scholarship was established to help students who have encountered a recent (occurring in the last 3 months) unexpected and unforeseeable financial hardship that makes it impossible for them to graduate.

Hernandez-Foy Second Chance Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes the courage and fortitude demonstrated by those individuals who have lost everything but continue to strive toward a better life. In offering this award, Dr. Hernandez and Ms. Foy wish to provide encouragement and a "second chance" to students with histories of incarceration or homelessness. The scholarship is intended to help provide an opportunity for these students to experience the transformative benefits of higher education. The donors hope that in receiving the award, students will in turn be inspired to pay it forward and help others to achieve their aspirations as well.

To contribute to this endowment click GIVE ONLINE.  Once you have entered your donation amount, click the drop-down next to "Designation" and select Hernandez-Foy Second Chance Endowed Scholarship.

Support Our Students

Learn more about creating a named scholarship or giving to the Foundation.