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Digital Music Studio Policies

  • The Digital Music Studios hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Fridays from 8:30 until 2:30.
  • You must be enrolled in one or more of the following classes in order to use the digital music studios: MUSC127, MUSC128, MUSC129, MUSC190, MUSC198, MUSC200, MUSC 227, MUSC228, MUSC229, MUSC230, MUSC290
  • No food or drink other than water is allowed in the studios.
  • Studio scheduling must be done through the Digital Music instructor or the Digital Music Lab manager/monitor
  • Students enrolled in MUSC200, MUSC127, and MUSC190 are allowed to use Studios 1+2 ONLY. Exceptions may be made to this based on availability and up to the discretion of the instructor and/or lab monitors.
  • Students enrolled in MUSC128, 129, 198, 227, 228, 229, 230, and 290 are encouraged to use Studios 3+4 whenever possible, but may use Studios 1+2 if they are available. These students may be asked to vacate Studios 1+2 at any time by any students enrolled in MUSC200/127/190.
  • If another student is in your assigned studio during your booked studio time, it is your right to ask them to vacate. Please allow them a minute or two to save their work and relocate. 
  • You may use your studio whenever it is free (even if someone is booked at that time). Just remember, if you are using it while someone else is booked, they have the right to ask you to relocate.
  • To sign out equipment via the instructor and/or lab monitor, have a school or state-issued ID ready. All equipment signed out is to stay within the Digital Music area (with the exception of the PCMD50) unless special permission is granted by the instructor.
  • If you are enrolled in MUSC128, 129, 227, 228, or 229, you may sign out the Sony PCMD50 flash recorder overnight. You will be asked to sign a special form assuming responsibility for the device.
  • A Digital Music student is allowed to bring guests in to the studio as long as the student remains with the guest at all times, and the student takes responsibility for their guests actions.
  • The Digital Music Studio phone number is 425.640.1745. You may call this to find out studio availability during open hours.
  • If you witness suspicious activity, you should contact Campus Security immediately at 425-754-0154.  This should also be reported as soon as possible to the instructor and/or lab monitor.