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What Employers and Students Say

"Project management is a basic building block of business. It's useful in every department. Training in project management makes a job candidate much more interesting to me."
Mitch Katz, Director of Operations and Finance || Smashing Ideas, Interactive Agency

"I immediately utilized the skills I learned in this program, establishing priorities and timelines, in my internship."
Larry Parker, Graduate || Project Management Program

"I have a Bachelor's in Finance, but I realized that having project management skills would further my career opportunities. I earned the certificate at Edmonds, and I successfully managed a project at work utilizing the information learned in class."
Oliver Manaois, Auditor || Department of Labor and Industries

"Edmonds College project management classes are helpful for those returning to school to expand their job skills."
Ann Naumann, Senior Program Manager || Hawkeye/Cohesion, Channel Marketing Agency