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The Aerospace Industry Needs Engineers and Composite Technicians

Edmonds College is growing to meet this demand with our 1000 FTEs Aerospace Allocation

Due to the projected need for new engineers and composite technicians in the aerospace industry, Edmonds College applied for and began receiving an extra allocation of funds in 2014 to help expand enrollment in two specific programs that lead to aerospace careers: Pre-Engineering and Engineering Technology – Materials Science. 

Engineering Pipeline

Preparing students to transfer and complete a four year degree

For the Pre-Engineering Pipeline, Edmonds CC received 35 extra FTEs.  With those funds, we have been able to add sections of not just engineering classes, but math, chemistry and physics as well.  These funds help hire tutors, develop new courses, purchase  lab equipment including a wind tunnel and two 3D scanners, and hire a lab tech. For more information on the AS2 degree tracks for engineering, visit the Edmonds College Engineering page.  

Engineering Technology - Materials Science Technology

Training technicians to start work in the Aerospace field right away

For Materials Science – or Composites – Edmonds CC received 30 extra FTEs, with an emphasis on expanding capacity.  With those funds, we have developed new courses, hired a lab tech and purchased new equipment (Waterjet cutter, robotic arm, injection molding system, additional 3D printers.)  New furniture was also purchased for the two classrooms in Monroe Hall, allowing for increased capacity as well as updating of those rooms.  For more information on the composite programs, visit the Edmonds College Composites page.

Outreach and Student Support

Additionally, aerospace funds have helped provide staffing for retention and outreach services; funds have also been used to develop and produce marketing materials.  If you are planning a STEM event and would like us to come to you, or if you have questions about career paths in engineering fields, please email us at STEM@edmonds.edu.