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Nurse assistant working with patient

Patient Care/ Emergency Room Technician

A Patient Care Technician (PCT) is a highly trusted professional and a vital part of the healthcare system. A PCT can have a direct impact on people’s lives and health. Careers as a PCT offer diverse opportunities and excellent earning potential. PCTs work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse and are trained to perform a variety of tasks.

Telemetry Technician

Electro cardiography Monitor/ Telemetry Technician

The Electrocardiography (EKG) Technician is responsible for performing diagnostic tests to assess heart rhythm and rate. These EKG tests are also routinely performed before and after surgical procedures, during physical examinations particularly in patients with a personal and/or family history of heart disease, when patients are experiencing chest pains and when a provider hears or sees something that indicates a problem with the heart.

Group of Nursing students

Medical Assistant

Our Medical Assistant program will train you to work alongside medical providers in medical offices and clinics to provide the best possible care for patients and play an integral role in patient care management. Once you complete our program, you can provide clinical and administrative support in outpatient settings in the community, ambulatory care centers, and hospitals.

Helping people thrive and have long and healthy lives is what you’re all about. There are many careers in this industry—no matter which you choose, you can make an impact and use your talents to help people.