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Precollege Math Courses

Changes in the course numbers for precollege math courses!

Due to the switch to CTClink, the Math Department has made changes to the course numbers for the precollege math classes in order to preserve our format that allows students to get credit for the modules they successfully complete through the Math Center.

The course content has not changed, but the numbers have changed.

  • Math 47 (classroom) is the same as Math 41/42/43/44 (Math Center)
  • Math 77 (classroom) is the same as Math 71/72/73/74 (Math Center)
  • Math 87  (classroom) is the same as Math 81/82/83/84 (Math Center)
  • Math 97 (classroom) is the same as Math 93/94 (Math Center)



How to Register

Common Curriculum and Structure

The precollege Math courses at Edmonds College have a modularized, mastery-based structure that is tied to specific objectives.  This structure is consistent between the Math Center (individualized) classes and the more traditional (non-individualized) classes. Because of this common structure, students can receive passing grades on the part of these courses that they have completed and save the work and assessments completed to determine the starting place in the following quarter. Students can take all the credits in the Math Center, or they can start the first quarter in a non-individualized math class and then finish the credits in following quarters in the Math Center. 

Math Center Classes:

Students registered in the Math Center classes work with their instructor to develop a plan and schedule of work for the quarter.  The instructor and the student aides are there to help you learn the material at your pace.  The materials that help you learn the course content is similar to that in the more traditional classes.  The quizzes and exams cover the same content.  

If a student isn’t able to complete all of the credits they registered for at the start of the quarter, they can drop credits by the 7th week. Also, they may be eligible to earn passing grades and credits for the parts of the course that were completed successfully. 

To sign up in the Math Center, look for the courses numbered Math 41-44, Math 71-74, Math 81-84 or Math 93-94.

Traditional (Instructor-led sections):

Students who want the structure to complete the entire 5-credit series in one quarter should choose the instructor-led sections. The instructor sets a pace that makes sure you finish the course in one quarter. Students who want to move at a slower pace or faster pace should consider taking classes in the Math Center instead. Many, but not all, of the instructor-led sections include a portion of the class with a lecture and the remainder of the class where students work together on problem solving. 

To sign up for an instructor-led ("traditional" class) section, look for the courses numbered Math 47, Math 77, Math 87 or Math 97.

How to complete your precollege math class sequence to finish all 5 credits.

A student who isn’t able to complete all 5 credits of a precollege math series (e.g. Math 71-72-73-74) will need to register the following quarter to complete (or make further progress) by registering for at least some of the remaining credits in the Math Center.  Students must register in the Math Center to complete these missing credits — an instructor-led classroom is not an option for finishing up.  

It is important to register for additional/remaining credits the following quarter.  With the exception of summer quarter, it is not permissible to take a break between starting a pre-college math course series and completing it.  

Please note the following time limits for course completion:  

  • Students are allowed to enroll in part of a series for fewer than 5 credits of Math 41-44, Math 71-74 or Math 81-84; however, all 5 credits must be completed with a 2.0 or higher in one year or less in order to move onto the following course.
  • Students are allowed to take Math 93 or 94 in two different quarters in the math center; however, all 5 credits must be completed with a 2.0 or higher in two consecutive quarters (not including summer).