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Enhance your experience and be a part of what makes the Creative Retirement Institute so dynamic! Your ideas, time, talents, and social support are welcome!

CRI is known for its offerings and experience, and each standing committee supports individual aspects that maintain high levels of quality.

Audio-Visual Committee

You will provide technical audio/visual support for instructors in the classroom and online.

Class Assistants Committee

You will provide in classroom support for instructors and students. The committee also recruits and oversees class assistants and offers them help if needed.

Curriculum Committee

You will work on quarterly schedule, review proposed classes, and be a contact for instructors. The committee also recruits new instructors and advises on new class ideas.

Finance Committee

You will help to assess the budget to ensure the financial health of CRI.

Outreach Committee

You will assist in promoting CRI program and classes and/or assist in preparation for CRI events.

Check out CRI Committee Roles and Responsibilities for more details.

If you would like to volunteer, please email cri@edmonds.edu or call 425.640.1830 and let us know how to contact you.