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Accounting - Associate of Technical Arts Degree

Our Associate of Technical Arts Degree in Accounting program is designed for students who completed the Accounting Certificate and want advanced skills for employment in the accounting field. Our program includes technology, management, communication, and accounting courses that help you if you seek jobs as an office manager, administrative assistant, executive assistant, program manager, small business owner, and others working with budgets and financial information. The program is also designed for you if you want career advancement or a new skill set in understanding and using financial information.


  • You have basic computer and internet knowledge
  • Minimum placement in AENGL 093 or ENGLP 093
  • Mathematical ability equivalent to Math 60 or Business Math (BUS 130) is also recommended

Program Requirement Sheet

Degree Pathway

This is a suggested degree pathway, a sequence of courses to earn the degree completely online. Please connect with an advisor to customize your program to meet your needs.

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