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Event Planning - Certificate

Our online certificate program in event planning is designed to increase your qualifications to enter or advance in positions in the convention, conference, meeting, and event industries. Successful event planning requires unique skills and knowledge, including management, finance, marketing, and communication. You will learn about facilities, contracts, and related areas of convention, conference, and meeting planning. All program requirements are online. This Certificate requires completing a minimum of 43 credits as outlined.

Program Requirement Sheet

Certificate Pathway

This is a suggested certificate pathway, a sequence of courses to earn the degree completely online. Please connect with an advisor to customize your program to meet your needs.

icon winter - Fall   Icon winter - Winter   Icon spring - Spring   Icon summer - Summer

Important notes that are not included above

* Choose 4 total credits from the following 2 credit courses: EVPL 275, EVPL 276, or EVPL 277

** EVPL 270–minimum of 3 credits required – 1 cr. = 30 hours. These credits can be completed in multiple quarters. Three credits are not included in the above totals until you choose.

*Note: In the elective category there are additional classes to choose from and replace from the ones selected on this plan - See Requirement Sheet.

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