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Pre-College Advisor Directory 

Front Desk

The Front Desk can be reached via phone, email, Zoom virtual lobby, or by dropping in from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

When calling the Front Desk by phone, please leave your name, phone number, and email, if possible. If your call is not answered, you will receive a return call shortly.

Front Desk Virtual Lobby


EdCAP - Edmonds Career Access Program Team

Name Title Phone Email
Syed Jamal Advising Manager 425.640.1491 syed.jamal@edmonds.edu
Brett Tomsett Case Manager 425.640.1173 brett.tomsett@edmonds.edu
Chelsey Berry Program Specialist 3 425.640.1669 chelsey.berry@edmonds.edu


Schedule I-BEST Appointment

Name Title Phone Email
Nicole Rios-Gunn Advising Manager 425.640.1628 nicole.rios-gunn@edmonds.edu
Damaris Garcia-Thompson Case Manager, ESL 425.640.1997 dary.garcia-thompson@edmonds.edu
Tanya Yandl Case Manager 425.640.1822 tanya.yandl@edmonds.edu

International High School Program

Schedule International High School Appointment

Name Title Phone Email
Maureen Little Advising Manager 425.640.1255 maureen.little@edmonds.edu
Ann Dinh Case Manager 425.640.1862 ann.dinh@edmonds.edu

GED and High School Completion

Schedule GED and High School Completion Appointment

Name Title Phone Email
Meghan Andrew Advising Manager 425.640.1780


Hunter White Case Manager 425.640.1788 hunter.white@edmonds.edu