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Data Analytics

Learn the skills for a rewarding career in as little as 9 months.


If you’re new to the field of data analytics, our certificate of completion is designed for you. You’ll learn the key components of data analysis, including data collection and processing, hypothesis development and statistical analysis, data modeling, and synthesis. You’ll also get the chance to apply your new skills through a project of your choosing, which can be a great portfolio piece for your job search.


  • Working knowledge of basic word processing and spreadsheet programs, such as MS Office or Google Docs/Sheets
  • Completion of a college-level pre-calculus or statistics class or instructor permission
  • Associate degree in STEM or business fields or equivalent work experience or coursework

You will learn how to:

  • Extract data from a database and use it to answer questions typical of data analysis exploration.
  • Apply advanced features of a spreadsheet program to create charts and pivot tables, conduct data matching, perform de-duplication, and find operations.
  • Write code in a programming language commonly used by data analysts (such as R or Python) to read data and process it. No programming experience is assumed.
  • Identify business domains to which data analytics can be applied and translate business questions into data questions.
  • Employ basic statistical techniques for data analysis, including evaluating data with summary statistics, explaining patterns in data using statistical concepts, and principles of A/B testing.
  • Apply the fundamentals of machine learning.

Program Requirements

See program requirement sheet.

Course Credits Track*
Intro to Database Data Processing 3  
Intro to Statistical Analysis and Experimentation 4  
Intro to Machine Learning 4 A
Intro to Data Processing with Scripting 4 A
Intro to Data Visualization & Storytelling 4 B
Capstone Project 4  

*Students can choose either to complete courses in track A or track B.



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