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Computer Science

High-paying jobs in software development start with computer science classes.

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems, including artificial intelligence, networks and security, database systems, human-computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, operating systems, programming languages, software engineering, and bioinformatics. Computer scientists work to solve problems and study the performance of computer hardware and software to solve problems, expand functionality, and improve efficiency of our technology-enhanced world.

Our degree program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation, empowering you to seamlessly transition into a bachelor’s degree program in various specialized fields. Whether you aspire to pursue computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or software development, our program equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your chosen area of study.

New for Winter 2024: CS 103 - AI for Everyone

Have you ever wondered how cameras recognize faces when you are taking a picture, Amazon decides what products to recommend to you, Netflix knows what movies you will like, and Google Maps figures out the fastest route to your destination? All of these systems use artificial intelligence (AI).

In CS 103 - AI for Everyone, we will demystify AI and help you learn how to use it. The course is open to all students — no previous technical, programming, or math knowledge is required.

New Students: Follow our application steps and then find CS 103 - AI for Everyone in the winter class schedule.

Current Students: Enroll by searching the winter class schedule.


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