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Posted July 8 - Serving and supporting students and the community remotely. Please do not come to campus unless you have an in-person class or a child at the Center for Families.
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Engineers are Artists that use Science, Technology, and Math to create...

For the health and safety of our community, all college offices have moved services online through July 30. We will begin offering in-person services by appointment only Aug. 2 through Sept. 3.

Employees are serving students and the community remotely during this time. Please check back for updates about services available online, by email, or phone. Summer quarter resources are available at edmonds.edu/summer2021. All college updates, resources, and information about COVID-19 is available at edmonds.edu/coronavirus.

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Live Chat!

Chat virtually with Dr. Will Hamp, engineering faculty, about how you could benefit by starting your engineering degree at Edmonds College.

6:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays, April 6-June 8

To access the Engineering's zoom room (live video chat), click the green button below.

Connect to Engineering

Engineers Make a Difference

Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judgment, and common sense to make things that benefit people. Engineers solve problems. They improve and develop products to meet consumer and societal needs. They find ways for existing products to work better, last longer, operate more safely, and cost less.

They also look for innovative solutions to global problems. Engineers design bridges and important medical equipment as well as processes for cleaning up toxic spills and systems for mass transit.

It's a Fact

Engineering professions requiring a four-year degree are among the highest paying jobs in Washington, according to the Washington Career Bridge. Source: WA Career Bridge - STEM. For national trends, see https://www.bls.gov/architecture-and-engineering.

Choose from one of four tracks

Associate in Science - Major Related Program

Associate in Science-T - Track 2 - Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical, Industrial, Materials Science Engineering 
Associate in Science-T - Track 2 - BioEngineering and Chemical Engineering 
Associate in Science-T - Track 2 - Computer and Electrical Engineering
Associate in Science-T - Track 2 - Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences 

If you need assistance in selecting an engineering discipline, please contact us and/or sign up for ENGR 100 during your first quarter . 


Please see our Library Resource Guide for Engineering

Aerospace Needs More Engineers

Edmonds College is receiving extra funding to support the need to increase the number of engineering students transferring on to 4-year engineering programs. Find out more at: 1,000 FTEs for Aerospace