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Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judgment, and common sense to make things that benefit people. Engineers improve and develop products to meet consumer and societal needs. They find ways for existing products to work better, last longer, operate more safely, and cost less. Engineers also look for innovative solutions to global problems. They design bridges, medical equipment, processes for cleaning up toxic spills, and systems for mass transit.



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The following is for estimation purposes only.  Meeting with a faculty or department advisor is strongly recommended as it can help determine the actual length of time it will take you to become major-ready for your transfer program.

Degree Credits Time to Complete Average Cost*
AS-Track 2 for Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical, Industrial, Materials Science Engineering 120 2-3 years $8,790 - $13,185
AS-Track 2 for Computer and Electrical Engineering 109 7 quarters $9,870
AS-Track 2 for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering 102 7 quarters $9,870
AS-Track 2 for Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences 90 2 years $8,790

*Average costs include tuition based on WA state resident full-time enrollment. It does not include fees. The costs may vary.

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