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Relationships in STEM Education (RISE)

About RiSE

The Relationships in STEM Education (RiSE) Program began in 2011 as a NSF-funded student support program for Edmonds College students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Its initiative was to increase the number of students studying and earning degrees in STEM fields through community outreach, student support activities, and curriculum redesign efforts. Seeing the success of the project, the need for the services and resources that RiSE provided, and the community building that was able to take place as a result of the project, RiSE continued thanks to Services and Activities (S&A) funding provided by Edmonds College.

In Winter 2020, the STEM Division also piloted a Peer Mentor Program, which aimed to help STEM students become more successful in their academic life and achieve a stronger sense of community at Edmonds College. Following a successful first year, it became clear that RiSE and the Peer Mentor Program share many common goals, including increasing the number and diversity of students successfully earning degrees in STEM fields through personalized support and community building. In Spring of 2021, it was therefore decided to merge the two programs into one: the RiSE Mentor Program!

Additional Support for STEM Students

STEM Study Room

Join us for virtual tutoring in all STEM subjects! For more information and to view the schedule, visit the STEM Study Room page.

RiSE Site for Students

Current and prospective RiSE students should visit the RiSE student site to learn about RiSE, view the event calendar, and explore available resources for STEM students.