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Using Online Registration

Registration for some winter classes is giving a time conflict error when there is no time conflict. Please follow the instructions below to register for classes instead of registering in ctcLink.

Registration Instructions
  1. Go to the ctcLink login page
  2. Enter your ctcLink ID and password, and click Sign In
  3. Click Student Homepage, then Manage Classes
  4. On the left, select Class Search and Enroll
  5. Select the term and institution (Edmonds College)
  6. At the top of the page you can enter a keyword to search for specific classes. Then select the Search button.
  7. Note: On the left-hand side different filters will display for you to narrow your search results. These filters are: 
    • Subject
    • Class Status (open classes)
    • Course Career
    • Number of Units (Credits)
    • Location
    • Instruction Mode
    • Academic Session
    • Class Meeting Days (Days of the week) 
    • Class Start Times
    • Class End Times
    • Class Components (Lecture/ Lab)
    • Class Attribute
  8. Select a Course and the class sections will display.
  9. Select the Class hyperlink to view details.
  10. The Class Information window will display. Review each of the five tabs:
    • Class Details
    • Meeting Information
    • Enrollment Information
    • Class Availability
    • Textbook/Other Information
  11. Click on the Close (X) button to close the Class Information window
  12. To enroll in this class, click on the right arrow (>) at the end of the row for that class section
  13. The Class Search and Enroll guide displays in Step 1 Review Class Selection on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the Next link at the top right of the page.
  14. Step 2 Review Class Preference page will display. Input Wait List preference or Permission Number (if applicable) and select the Accept button.
  15. Step 3 Enroll or Add to Cart page displays.
    • Here you will have the ability to add the class to your Shopping Cart and search for additional classes prior to enrollment or to process the enrollment for the individual course.  
    • If you want to add this to your Shopping Cart and continue to search for additional classes, select Add to Shopping Cart and then the Next button. 
    • If you are done searching for classes and are ready to enroll select Enroll then the Next button.
  16. Step 4 Review and Submit page will display. Once you select the Submit button, a submit confirmation page will display.
  17. Select the Yes option to confirm submission.
    • Note: A message bar at the top of the page appears to confirm the course has been added or errors will display.
    • Typical errors include, not meeting an enrollment requirement, a time conflict, full class, etc.
  18. The updated Confirmation page will display. Select View My Classes on the left side to confirm that your class has been added.