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How to Register for Classes

Once you've been admitted to Edmonds College and have completed all prior steps in the New Student Checklist, you are ready to register for classes. This is the last step in officially becoming a student at Edmonds. You'll have to repeat the class registration process each quarter to sign up for new classes. Registering is different than applying — students generally only need to apply once.

Important Note About Financial Aid: Students must finalize their enrollment by the tenth day of the quarter (eighth day for summer), or risk losing some Pell grant eligibility.

After you register for classes for an upcoming term, there are several opportunities to add classes to your schedule or drop classes if they no longer work for you. Depending on your timing and reasons for dropping a class, you may be eligible for a full or partial tuition refund.

Please read the following policies on adding and dropping classes to learn more.

Adding/Registering for Classes 

Instructor Permission to Register 

Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes 

Waitlists & Swaps 

Instructor & Institution-Initiated Withdrawal